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ImarComms is the first Digital Marketing Agency that specializes in all fields of Interactive Marketing Communications in Cyprus bringing over a decade of experience in digital marketing strategies and digital advertising campaigns. ImarComms has been awarded with the internationally recognizable Marketing Excellence Award for the Best Interactive Campaign of the Year, and is also the creator of ‘The I Report’ – the first interactive tool to report online sales and internet consumer behavior on a regular basis. ImarComms is a Global Partner of the Digital Marketing Institute offering its full deck of Professional Programs and Global Certifications in classroom and online modes

Digital strategy
Digital Strategy

Without incorporating your online activities in your marketing strategy there is no way that your marketing efforts will have long term results. Digital Strategy has a number of steps that you have to define so that you know your next step before your previous one is completed.

Social Media
Social Media

The most highly developing media worldwide enable brands to communicate with their audiences all over the world whilst measuring behavior and responses in real time. Where these are local websites or international social hubs, we have the knowledge to target your audience.

Mobile Marketing
Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing adapts to the digital age, targeting your message to the most usable device that keeps your audience depended on its screen 24/7. Whether linked through your webiste or integrated in your advertising message.


As local and international marketing of products and services becomes borderless on the web, we specialize in drafting the best e-commerce strategy for your business having the tools, experience and expertise to compete in the global arena.

Digital Marketing Seminars
Digital Marketing Seminars

As certified Global Partners of the Digital Marketing Institute we offer the world’s most valued courses & certifications at your door! As the learning curve on technology never curves off, we are strong supporters of lifetime education and practical updates.

The I Report
The I Report

The first interactive report on interactive media communications in Cyprus. The i report shows comparative findings on the internet activity of the Cyprus market since 2008, and presents findings for the preferences of the Cypriot consumer for mobile devices.

  • The Online Version of the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing Starts Every Month

    The Online Version of the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing Starts Every Month

    For those of you that have a busy schedule, the DMI PRO – Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing is also offered ONLINE. It can start at the beginning of every month and at your own convenience. By attending the Online Version of the DMI PRO – Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing with ImarComms, you will have our local support and expertise in the industry during the program and your exam preparation. Also, payments in instalments are available to make it easier for you to afford this during this challenging period.

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  • Successful Completion of ImarComms UK Webinar on Digital Transformation during Covid19

    Successful Completion of ImarComms UK Webinar on Digital Transformation during Covid19

    ImarComms’ UK Webinar on ‘How to Digitally Transform your Business during Covid-19’ has been completed with great success in Cyber London on June 18, 2020. The Webinar attracted many professionals from both the UK and Cyprus and was elevated by renowned panellists of global stature.


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  • The Digital Diagnostic Test

    The Digital Diagnostic Test

    Take our short Digital Diagnostic Test to check your Digital Marketing Skills.  It will only take a few minutes to see where you stand globally in your digital marketing knowledge among thousands of marketers around the globe.

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  • ImarComms Global Partnership with DMI

    ImarComms Global Partnership with DMI

    ImarComms, a leader in Digital Marketing communications, through its Global Partnership with the Digital Marketing Institute, the recognized international certification standard for the digital marketing industry, provides practical and expert-facilitated training programs geared to help marketing and sales professionals gain the skills needed to succeed in the world of Digital Marketing.

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  • ImarComms Bulk SMS Global

    ImarComms Bulk SMS Global

    Send Bulk SMS to many countries of the world by using our new Web Platform:
    Personalised Message Option
    Fast and Trusted Delivery
    Customized Sender

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  • Marketing Excellence Award

    Marketing Excellence Award

    ImarComms has been awarded in 2011 with the internationally recognizable Marketing Excellence Award for the Best Integrated Marketing Communications Campaign for its client KEAN amongst over a hundred of nominated Campaigns.

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Latest Digital Marketing Courses

The next in-class Digital Marketing Institute's Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing will start on October 19th 2022, while the online dIgital marketing course can start at the beginning of every month. See how to become a Globally Certified Digital Marketing Professional


  • Testimonial 2

    “Imarcomms has been a valued partner from our very first digital marketing steps until today incorporating their creative and strategic services to our Group’s Strategy and Culture”

    Christos Papaellinas
    CEO C. A. Papaellinas

  • Testimonial 1

    “ImarComms has applied its comprehensive knowledge to our Group’s Marketing Managers informing them of the latest developments and available tools and increasing their interest in utilizing these tools”

    Marios Loucaides
    Executive Director, Cyprus Trading Corporation (CTC) Group

  • Testimonial 3

    “Imarcomms have been pioneers in the development and implementation of our digital marketing activities, offering high standard services, acting globally & thinking locally, with lots of creative and breakthrough ideas”

    Sotiris Constantinou
    Brand Manager, C. A. Papaellinas

  • Testimonial 4

    ''Pericles and his team have proved to be an invaluable support to our strategic marketing direction and its successful application for many years, achieving top acknowledgement at the Marketing Excellence Awards."

    Evi Papadopoulou
    Marketing Director, KEAN