Raven ANM App

Promoting A New App Around The Globe
Phase One:
The Client Brief

Have you ever imagined talking to anyone around the globe in their own language without knowing any other language? Well, our friends at RAVEN ANM were thinking about just that and the possibility of communicating with anyone for business or pleasure without having to go to foreign language lessons! That is why they developed the RAVEN App on both Android and IOS platforms in order to enable global interactions in any language.  You simply type your message in your own language and the recipient receives it in theirs! Brilliant ha? Indeed, but how do you get the message across the globe to people to look for and download the App? There is not translation there… just digital strategy to promote it in every continent and get the buzz going…

Phase Two:
The Challenge

The challenge for us was that we had to start from scratch and see which countries were in major need of such a service and if their countries’ infrastructure and internet penetration made it possible for our app to run. In addition, using our digital tools and research resources, to see in which countries there had been a plethora of language use due to their history and current population makeover that would make our App a great tool for their everyday communications.  

Phase Three:
The Idea - Solution

Having done our research we ended up choosing the country with most of the characteristics required in every continent in order to get the ball rolling. We first started creating promotional content to reach out to Asia and more specifically to Indonesia – a country with over 300 different native languages, an archipelago of 17,508 islands with a total population of nearly 242 million. That was our sweet spot! The App promo started attracting the locals who started using it and sharing it with nearby countries bringing in thousands of downloads within days. Organic growth kept the locals embracing the App while we started focusing on a different region – The Middle East.

Saudi Arabia with 34 million population and English widely spoken in businesses and schools as a second language was the beginning of our Arabian journey. Arabic is spoken by almost 200 million people in more than 22 countries…and the adoption of the App was also very fast with thousands of downloads within days.

Now it was time to enter the Western World, and the centre of International business at the melting pot of global cultures: New York City. Even though local users have a very high standard in App downloads and functions we managed to penetrate there as well initiating many clicks that wanted to read more about the App before downloading it. Daily downloads kept coming in at a steady speed which signalled the success of our campaign and the preparation for our next target.

Phase Four:
The Results

Based on the regional targets that we had on each country, you may see below the goal completion of the app downloads on each country separately.