What we do

ImarComms provides specialized support on issues concerning corporate internet presence and internet marketing communications. Its services can apply to businesses that need to promote their products or services to a specific target group, building loyalty and repeat purchases.

ImarComms can also provide insights to advertising agencies that would like to enrich their marketing mix, as well as online publishers that would like to take advantage of better ways to promote their content and profit from it. Through its interactive marketing research tool - the i report - ImarComms can measure online socioeconomic and demographic trends and analyze the behavior of local online users tracking internet penetration and online purchases amongst other variables. 

One of its core competencies lies in the ability to artfully combine traditional offline media with interactive online solutions that comprise effective and complete integrated marketing communications - hence the Marketing Excellence Award for the best integrated marketing communications campaign for KEAN.

To achieve that ImarComms can deploy a number of services including:

  • Digital Strategy Development (from Creative Concept to Implementation)
  • Social Media Page Management, Content Creation, Competitions, Applications
  • Website, Microsite , Video, and Banner Design & Development
  • Online Media Advertising Placements (local and international)
  • Search Engine Optimization & Search Engine Marketing (PPC)
  • Campaign Monitoring, Evaluation, and Reporting
  • Email & Mobile Marketing Promotions to Local & Global Markets 
  • E-Shop Concept, Design, Development and Set Up
  • E-Commerce Strategy Development & Implementation 
  • E-Shop Marketing Communications & Promotions
  • Interactive TV Platforms & Digital TV Promotions
  • Digital Marketing Seminars & Practical Trainings
  • The I Report - Online Penetration, Usage & Purchase Analysis Reporting