Cyprus Trading Corporation Trained on Digital Marketing

ImarComms recently completed conducting a series of seminars and practical training courses in the field of digital marketing, analyzing the digital landscape and its practices to the Marketing Team of CTC Group, aiming to inform and train the Team to the new tools of digital marketing and social networks.

The seminar lasted four days and covered the latest trends of the global digital landscape and how these trends can be adjusted to the Cypriot market. Simultaneously, it explained the digital strategies which are followed and the main elements that each brand should include in its strategy. Also, it analyzed the functions of the biggest social media networks, concentrating on the most efficient implementation practices, monitoring and reporting. Emphasis was given to the practical development of a digital strategy and its application on various brands. 


"As digital marketing is increasingly becoming an important part in the strategic development of brands, the constant updating and training of executives across the whole spectrum of creation, communication and promotion of products and services in social media constitutes an additional advantage on the chessboard of retail marketing and services” said Pericles Ellinas, CEO of ImarComms, while he praised the organization and the responsiveness of CTC Group’s Marketing Team.