ImarComms Digital is assigned the Global Halloumi Strategic Action Plan

On October 3rd, a press conference was held by the Minister of Energy, Commerce and Industry in regards to the promotion of Cyprus Halloumi PDO.

ImarComms Digital undertook the Global Strategic Action Plan for the promotion of Cyprus Halloumi PDO in strategically important continents, for the development of sales platforms and the creation of global awareness for Cyprus’ No1 agricultural export product, with sales of over 240 million Euros annually.

ImarComms Digital was assigned by the Ministry of Energy, Commerce and Industry the development of the digital promotion strategy of Halloumi with the most updated digital tools, tactics, platforms, promotion and display methods worldwide. Following the completion of the Strategic Action Plan, ImarComms Digital contributed to the promotion of Cyprus Halloumi in Japan, China, Australia, America and the Middle East.

In his statements, Pericles Ellinas, Managing Director of ImarComms Digital, said among others "We are very delighted for this assignment since we have been given the opportunity to apply our extensive and multiyear knowledge and experience in the industry, helping Cyprus in the promotion of its agricultural products. We believe that we have all the capabilities for a creative and effective presence in every geographic stretch of the planet to make Cyprus’ Halloumi a world known brand.''

ImarComms Digital has developed the website as the first point of contact for global consumers, distributors and sellers with the No1 Cypriot agricultural product and the Republic of Cyprus, which was presented in 4 languages: English, Arabic, Japanese and Chinese. The website was enriched with traditional Halloumi recipes, historical and photographic material, and all the important information that the Ministry of Energy, Commerce and Industry can display. At the same time, awareness and promotion campaigns have been created for the history, introduction, and sale of Halloumi as PDO in the above languages targeting the respective markets.

"Following solid international research data and educated projections it can be derived that the market development and global promotion of Cyprus Halloumi can expand its sales close to 1 billion dollars by 2027, from the 240 million euros it is today, Mr. Ellinas said. Our goal is through our global knowledge and experience to contribute practically and effectively towards this direction, setting the above amount as a National Goal and Duty of all those involved in the production, distribution, availability and sales of Halloumi around the world.’’


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