The I Report  shows comparative findings on the internet activity of the Cyprus market since 2008, and presents findings for the preferences of the Cypriot consumer for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets and their internet usage.  In addition, The I Report  shows comparative findings on the progress of online buying in Cyprus with details on the product and service categories that show growth. The I Report is able to  indicate the online sectors that can be explored by local businesses and the traffic that local and international eshops attract for online purchases.

The most important aspect of The I Report is that it presents comparative data for the movement and development of online buying on a monthly basis.  It also shows the preferences of online shoppers for local and international sites as well as their social media preferences and behaviours with full demographics. In 2016 The I Report has added a Plus version to it giving more analysis on precise target groups and their detailed behavior on the web, and since then it's offered on a Client Demand Basis. 

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