Successful Completion of ImarComms’ UK Webinar on Digital Transformation during Covid-19



ImarComms’ UK Webinar on ‘How to Digitally Transform your Business during Covid-19’ has been completed with great success in Cyber London on June 18, 2020. The Webinar attracted many professionals from both the UK and Cyprus and was elevated by renowned panellists of global stature.

The UK Webinar on ‘How to Digitally Transform your Business during Covid -19’ was gladly welcomed from the very beginning of its announcement by initially recording over 90 webinar registrations from both UK and CY platforms, with professionals coming from the Digital Marketing field as well as Founders, CEOs, CMO, CTOs and other executives who excel in the fields of Business Consulting, Audit, Legal, Banking, Telecommunications, E-Commerce, Talent Recruiting & Corporate Training among others.

The Webinar was chaired by Digital Marketing Expert Pericles Ellinas, Founder & Managing Director of ImarComms, and Global Partner & Certified Trainer of the Digital Marketing Institute, who talked about what it takes to Digitally Transform Yourself and your Company, before advancing to real Digital Transformation Models and Strategies that he explored.

Positioned first among Leading Panellists was Deputy Minister of Research, Innovation and Digital Policy Mr. Kyriacos Kokkinos, who realized the digital needs of the private sector and referred to the plans of his deputy ministry and the government’s in order to support the digital transformation of companies with upgraded services and technologies. He prioritised as first the immediate need for high speed internet in order to close the gap between Cypriot and other Global Markets.

Following among the global stature panellists was renowned global economist Mr. Marios Maratheftis, Partner & Chief Economist at Governance Creed in Dubai, who commented on the successful way the Cyprus government faced the pandemic in opposition to the UK government. He shared his views about the way forward and the potential of the Cyprus Government to continue to support businesses and the economy as a whole with the possibility of a second wave of the pandemic hitting in the fall. He also referred to the same potential of the UK government to face a second wave of the pandemic, whose economy, as in the case of Cyprus, is heavily based on the Services Sector.

Elevating the panel with his valuable presence was leading economist in the markets of the Persian Gulf and Associate Professor of Georgetown University in Qatar, Dr. Alexis Antoniades, who compared the pandemic with similar calamites that struck humanity in the past. The main difference nowadays, he noted, was the digital economy that allowed businesses and individuals to keep contact with clients and friends, and continue their lives in the digital world. He suggested that companies have to take advantage of their technological advancement and innovative spirit in order to create value through new inventions and services for which new demand was created due to the pandemic, and also take advantage of the Big Data that record newly developed trends.

The Panel could not be completed without a Fin Tech & Online Payments Specialist, the Sales & Marketing Director of PowerCash21, principal member of Visa & Mastercard, Mrs Isavella Frangou-Pavlou. Mrs Pavlou referred to the sky rise increase of online payments due to the pandemic and the absolute need of businesses to incorporate new ways of digital payments via Financial Technologies in order to face the rapidly changing environment. She also commented on the change in the habits of consumers who prefer to pay online or with contactless cards and online gateways.

The Webinar was hosted by the Great Britain – Cyprus Business Association, and its Founder & President Mr. Savvas Kyriakides, who had the honour to open the Webinar by Welcoming the attendees coming from UK and Cyprus and the members of his Association who connected online through his web platform in London.

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