imacomms in association with evresis reseach presents the i report.  The first interactive report on interactive media communications in Cyprus. The i report  shows comparative findings on the internet activity of the Cyprus market in the past years, and for the first time it presents findings for the preferences of the Cypriot consumer for mobile devices and their internet usage.

In addition, the i report  shows comparative findings on the progress of online buying in Cyprus with details on the product and service categories that show growth. The i report will be able to  indicate the online sectors that could be explored by local businesses.

The most important aspect of the i report is that it will present comparative data for the movement and development online buying on a regular basis.  It will also show the preferences of online shoppers for local and international sites.

The official presentation of the i report took place on Wednesday, February 16 in Nicosia and it was open to the business public. For more details on the findings and the subscription of the i report you may call 00357 22 44 32 20.