ImarComms offers in Cyprus one of the best Digital Marketing Masters Globally

ImarComms, Global Partner of Digital Marketing Institute, offers in Cyprus one of the best Digital Marketing Masters globally, created by the Digital Marketing Institute and the University of Salford.

The main objective of the Masters in Digital Marketing is to provide a thorough knowledge of the most relevant and transformative aspects of digital marketing. Precisely, the specialist product team works closely with subject matter experts aiming to create, review and update the learning outcomes of this certification on a regular basis, which ensures that the content of the program is aligned with the needs of the industry.

Specifically, the program provides on-demand digital marketing content, dynamic lectures, case studies and instructional webinars. Moreover, the student can gain exposure to the latest techniques and tools for improving digital marketing and brand building efforts. Among others, the student will receive the guidance of a digital industry expert and an academic supervisor who will assist him/her with thesis writing.

The Program’s Curriculum is validated by Digital Marketing Institute’s Industry Advisory Council, consisting of Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Microsoft, IBM, and Vodafone among others.

The duration of the program is 12 months (full-time) and 24 months (part-time) and is offered online giving the opportunity to the student to adapt it to his/her busy time schedule.


Information about the providers:

The Digital Marketing Institute is a global digital marketing professional learning and certification body with over 27,000 alumni members and partners in more than 100 countries. Founded in Ireland with a US office in Dallas, it is backed by Spectrum Equity, a leading U.S. based growth equity firm. Digital Marketing Institute’s Global Industry Advisory Council consists of marketers from Coca-Coca, Facebook, Google, HubSpot, LinkedIn, IBM, IAB, WPP and more.

The University of Salford is one of the top Business Schools in the UK with a successful global presence and a turnover of £189 million. The university has 20,000 students, 2,500 staff and 7 schools, which have all grown to serve the needs of industry, commerce and education. The regeneration of Salford is creating new opportunities which bring its university firmly into the 21st Century as it has joined the BBC and ITV at the MediaCityUK development in Salford Quays.

ImarComms, a leader in providing Digital Marketing services in Cyprus, is working with international and local brands to develop and promote them online. At the same time, it is a Global Partner of the Digital Marketing Institute, enabling new graduates and marketing professionals to acquire knowledge and skills, as well as international certification of their knowledge across the entire range of Digital Marketing.