About The Digital Marketing Institute Partnership

ImarComms Digital, a leader in Digital Marketing communications, through its Global Partnership with the Digital Marketing Institute, the proven global standard for digital marketing certification with 200,000+ members and over 25,000+ certified professionals, is aiming to provide practical and expert-facilitated training programs geared to help marketing and sales professionals gain the skills needed to succeed in the world of Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing Institute operates in 135+ countries and works with global marketing agencies such as ImarComms Digital and teams of blue-chip brands, and with the world's leading education brands.

Digital Marketing Institute’s programs are developed with its Global Industry Advisory Champions council consisting of leading global marketers such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, IBM, Microsoft and Hubspot, among others, so they are built and validated by industry, for industry.

Digital Marketing Institute’s certification courses are the only globally recognized courses and endorsed by some of the top industry bodies including the American Marketing Association.

Armed with a Digital Marketing Institute certification and ImarComms Digital's  practical experience on local and global challenges, graduates gain the digital knowledge and skills to drive success in their career and organization.