About The Digital Marketing Institute Partnership

ImarComms, a leader in Digital Marketing communications, through its Global Partnership with the Digital Marketing Institute, the recognized international certification standard for the digital marketing industry, is aiming to provide practical and expert-facilitated training programs geared to help marketing and sales professionals gain the skills needed to succeed in the world of Digital Marketing.

A digital specialist, The Digital Marketing Institute offers the most widely taught set of certification standards in digital marketing and selling for learners, educators and industry. With over 140,000 graduates across 120 countries worldwide, the Digital Marketing Institute have trained more professionals to a single education standard than any other certification body.

All Digital Marketing Institute certifications are reviewed and validated by the esteemed  Global Industry Advisory Champions (GIAC), comprised of the world’s largest and most influential brands and highly successful digitalmarketing professionals. This body works to set the skills agenda and address the global digital skills shortage. By providing expert review and recommendations on a regular basis, the IAC ensures that each certification is designed and refreshed to equip professionals with the latest and most in-demand digital skills needed to thrive in today’s digitally driven economy.

Armed with a Digital Marketing Institute certification and ImarComms'  practical experience on local and global challenges, graduates gain the digital knowledge and skills to drive success in their career and organization.