‘Blend it with Vimto' Game
Phase One:
The Client Brief

Vimto is an all fan and enjoyment brand that shares the excitement of every moment. The Client wanted to extent that fun and excitement on the digital screen by creating a game that would intrigue fans to play and engage with the brand and at the same time have a great time.

Phase Two:
The Challenge

The challenge was to create a game that would make fans come closer to the brand and understand the ingredients of its great taste, and at the same time compete in order to win a very big gift – 2 tickets to travel to Blackpool in the UK and attend the biggest Rollercoaster Ride in Europe.

Phase Three:
The Idea - Solution

We created a game from scratch that had two stages: ‘Blend it with Vimto’ and ‘Catch it’.

The first stage had many fruits and items around a blender and the user had to blend the correct 3 fruits that comprise Vimto. These were green grape, raspberry, and blackberry. He had to choose from a variety of similar fruits as well as an iPhone! and an iPod! Wrong choices would make the blender explode and funny messages would pop up on the screen.

Upon completing the right blend the user would qualify for the second stage where he had to catch all the correct Vimto fruits that would comprise complete Vimto cans. The more the cans the more the points… Wrong fruits would end up in missing points and all under a time constraint.

Phase Four:
The Results

The game attracted over 5000 fans that played the game and liked Vimto’s Facebook page. It became a point of reference for gamers who competed for a very attractive gift while it aroused interest to non Vimto drinkers to play and try the drink. It increased engagement on Vimto’s Facebook page and kept the fan going for other games that followed.