A.I. Motokinisi

New Website - New Concept
Phase One:
The Client Brief

A.I. Motokinisis established in 1993 and, is an importer and distributor of global automotive and motorcycle brands, such as Porsche, Bentley and Harley-Davidson. Our mission was to create a website that featured the name of the company A.I. Motokinisis so that not be dominated by global brands that people knew better than A.I. Motokinisis.

Phase Two:
The Challenge

The challenge was that the users used to click on global brands pages, such as Porsche and Harley-Davidson without realising who the importer and distributor in Cyprus is. Therefore, we should create a website that will enable the client to present all the global brands under the umbrella of A.I. Motokinisis.

Phase Three:
The Idea - Solution

We responded to the project’s challenge by developing a group themed website with the concept “Feel the Movement”, which reflected the company’s name, “Motokinisis”, as well as, to feature this name on the navigation bar of every visitor before clicking on any of the globally branded websites. Precisely, we used a transparent design, features that were promoting the name of the group on the background so that the user could navigate on one to three pages before visiting any global brand. Moreover, we divided the products of the group into concepts categories as follows, feel the road for cars, feel the winds for motorcycles, feel the waves for boats and feel different for branded gadgets.


Phase Four:
The Results

The company could see a straightforward distinction between its name and imported brands, which highlighted that A.I. Motokinisis was the biggest and most experienced importers. As brand awareness increased, A.I. Motokinisis was better crystalised and identified by the general public and potential clients of the brands represented by the group.