How to Develop your Organization's Digital Marketing Strategy in the new Era


How to Develop your Organization's Digital Marketing Strategy in the new Era 

Digital Strategy Seminar 2024


The Digital Marketing Strategy Development program is addressed to senior business executives: CEOs, CMOs, CDMPs, Department Managers, Marketing Managers, General Managers, Business Owners, Start Up Founders, Digital Leaders, and Digital Leaders to be.

The cost of the program is €1200 Euros per person plus vat.  Offered at discounted price for early applicants. Ideal for 2-3 person Teams in any organization.  Limited Seats Available.

The Program will be held on April 10th and April 18th, at the state of the art premises of the University of Cyprus in Nicosia, for two full days, from 9:00-17:00 with a 45-minutes lunch break and small breaks in between, and another half day for optional practical application at the Clients' Premises. For enrolments, please contact ImarComms for more info.

Trainer: Pericles Ellinas, Digital Marketing Expert & Strategist, Managing Director, ImarComms digital, & Global Partner Certified Trainer,  Digital Marketing Institute.

This unique 2 day + 1 Digital Strategy Seminar & Workshop aims to develop all digital topics of vital importance for a vibrant Corporation operating and competing in the New Era. The scope is to enable participants to understand the ROI potential of Digital Strategy and strategic concepts involved, and successfully incorporate them in a hierarchical importance and function in their Overall Corporate Strategy. The ultimate goal for each participant is to apprehend and develop their Organization's Digital Marketing Strategy, and integrate it into their organization's Overall Corporate Strategy.

The Seminar will embark everyone from the traditional to the digital era, showing the key points of transition and their strategic advantages for a modern Strategist. 

Also, it will share success stories of Strategically Agile Corporations around the Globe and demonstrate the importance of specific digital tools, marketing with AI,  and social media channels, on which participants can get experience on and elaborate their knowledge to have a deep understanding of how they work, and why they are important for the type of strategy they will develop.

In addition, participants will experience the step by step approach of building their Digital Strategy with the ImarComms Methodology getting prepared to build and update theirs from scratch.

Lastly, following many take home examples and sharing real life experiences with their classmates, they will be asked to envision their Digital Strategy as part of their overall Corporate Strategy and apply and integrate it into their daily corporate and marketing activities.

Moreover, by focusing on the very strategic points and tools discussed, demonstrated, or analysed for enhancements and improvements, they can align it to the New Era facing multiple local and global challenges… and tapping into new opportunities with new services, products, or markets to develop and explore...