In recent years there has been a huge buzz around social selling. Tipped as the future for sales professionals, its impact has been significant. Social selling has offered new ways for salespeople to research, approach and engage with prospects and enabled sales representatives using social media to have 3.6 times more chance of meeting a decision maker.

For sales professionals and organizations, digital selling is emerging as a new and increasingly exciting concept. As the father of social selling, digital selling has enormous potential to transform a team or organization into a lean, mean selling machine.

Digital marketing in today’s world encompasses a huge range of elements including PPC, SEO, analytics, mobile, email, display and the rest, to build brand awareness. In much the same way, digital selling is about using a variety of tools and processes alongside social media platforms, to sell and ultimately drive revenue. We need to investigate the concept of digital selling to see how it can be utilized by sales professionals in addition to social selling to enhance engagement and drive sales.

Traditional vs. digital selling

For traditional selling, sales professionals relied on lists that were purchased and generally included unqualified data. When engaging, contact was made using cold calling followed by making an appointment which forced targets into a sales cycle using scripted selling that often involved a lack of listening.

In comparison, a digital and social seller can use online technologies and networks to listen and share so they can engage prospects, cast a wide net to build relationships, nurture relationships easily and quickly along with understanding the challenges and issues a prospect may face and be able to support them to find solutions.

When we look at digital selling, it involves a range of strategies to create a well-oiled machine that works together to achieve one overall marketing goal. There are nine steps which can help your organization create an effective digital selling strategy.

You may find those steps in the eBook of the Digital Marketing Institute.

Digital selling is evolving all the time. Essentially, it’s the process of engaging online, as well as utilizing all the digital sales tools at your disposal to drive more sales opportunities.

By leveraging all of the digital assets available and using them in an intelligent way, your organization stands a real chance of making a mark with potential partners and customers alike.

That is why at ImarComms we invested in providing the relevant educational tools and course options to shorten the digital gap in every organization and increase technological advancement.

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