There are more opportunities to excel in the digital industry than you might think…

As the digital economy continues to prosper and generate a remarkable return on investment, an increasing amount of organizations have begun to adopt digital tools and channels. With this evolution comes a vital requirement for skilled professionals who can invent, execute and measure the performance of digital marketing strategies that will drive brand awareness and customer acquisition.

• In the United Kingdom, the digital and tech industries are massively stimulating employment, and currently account for 1.56 million jobs.

• In the US, digital marketing job listings have seen substantial growth. In 2009, they made up less than 0.1% of the jobs website’s search results. In 2015 this number had grown by 300%.

• According to McKinley, 90% of all marketing roles now require digital skills.

Whether you’re a recent graduate looking to break into the industry or you want to advance your existing career, the digital industry can offer you an abundance of opportunities.

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